Inara, the Jungle Girl

Inara, the Jungle Girl (2012)

Information :

Genres: Adventure
Director:Patrick Desmarattes
Cast: Brittany Bass,Cali Danger,Gerald Desmarattes

User reviews :

What was the point of this movie? Why did they waste film making it?
Why did I actually watch the entire thing when I should have turned it
off after thirty seconds?

To put it mildly, this movie lacks a plausible story, lacks any sense
of meaningful dialogue, and does not have one character with any shred
of passable acting ability. The characters are miscast, to say the
least: Since when are midriff t-shirts and belly button rings standard
Army issue? The Amazons, themselves, look like they would not last one
day in "The Rainforest Cafe" let alone an Amazonian jungle. It is also
comforting to know that there is no shortage of hair, make-up, or
hygiene products in the Amazon. If your next plane trip crash lands in
the Jungle,you may die from dehydration or disease, but you will
certainly always look your best.

This flick takes "bad film making" from the gutter and pulls it down
into the sewer. "Inara" is a complete waste of time….an exploitation
film at it's absolute lowest. I could have made a better movie about
cutting my toenails using an iPhone camera that would have more drama
than this trash.

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